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Coronavirus help


There have been a number of situations where community groups or Parish Councils have been asked about accessing social care. If a family carer becomes ill, a vulnerable individual may require alternative support. Ideally this would be given by another family member or close friend but there may be situations where this is not an option.

WCC Children’s Services

In the event a single parent finding themselves in difficulty with no provision of care for their children – e.g. if they have to go into hospital as a COVID-19 emergency, WCC will help parents and try and locate family members and connected others, friends etc who may be able to help. If not and there are no other options WCC will step in and provide care. WCC sometimes have such situations normally where a single parent needs to go into hospital and has no support network that can help and would provide a similar service in these circumstances.Out of these hours if you have an emergency contact the emergency duty team on 01926 886922. If you think that a child is at immediate risk, contact the police immediately on 999

Information & advice about services for children & families

The Children & Families web pages have a lot of information and advice. The website is available at

The Family Information Service can be contacted by professionals and members of the public for information and advice about local support services for children and their families. Contact via email at or call01926 742274. Our updated website has a lot of useful information including advice and information guides available at

Child abuse concerns

If you have child abuse concerns contact the MASH on 01926 414144. The MASH telephone lines are open from 9.00am - 5.30pm Monday to Thursday and 9.00am - 5.00pm on a Friday.


For people who believe they have unmet care and support needs they can visit web site or failing that call us on one of the numbers below.

If it is COVID-19 related people can use this information leaflet as a guide -

Before you contact us, these links may help solve your problem or answer your question:

• Help to Live at Home

• Support for Carers

• Warwickshire Directory

• Contact us Online

If you have the email address of your social care practitioner or allocated team, you will need an Egress Switch Secure Email account to contact them

Setting this up will allow you to send and receive emails about your care securely. You will not be able to receive emails from us without this.

By telephone 01926 410410 (Monday to Thursday 08:00am – 5:30pm / Friday 08:00am – 5:00pm#0

During out-of-office hours – an emergency duty social worker is available from the time at which the offices close (5.30pm Monday to Thursday, and 5pm on Friday) until 8.30am on the next normal working day. Call us on 01926 886922.


The Coronavirus - at the Parish Council meeting on 16th March we discussed how the village responds to the Coronavirus and agreed that we knew of very few in the vulnerable groups who are not already in some sort of support network through neighbours, friends and family, etc.
To supplement there is a simple form that people can fill in and post through the doors of people they are concerned about with offers of help. Click on the form and print off.
Another very useful network for those with internet is the Facebook page “Stockton Online” where those who can offer help or who need help can make contact. 
There is also medical advice at