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Road Closure Orders


There has been great disruption with the closures of School Street, often at short notice and with issues with school buses.

We have now been advised by WPD that they require School St, Stockton to be closed again. They are aware of the recent incident with the school service and they’ve agreed to reduce the closure windows to assist.

The Friday 19th closure will be from 11.00 to 14.00 and Monday 22nd will be 10.00 to 12.00. Given the very short notice, we won’t be able to arrange cover by UBUS or IndieGo, so anyone wishing to travel to or from the village can use a Taxi and as long as they obtain a receipt for the journey and send it to us either by post or scanned in an email with their Name, Address, Telephone no, Bank Sort Code and Account no we’ll reimburse them. If they’re worried about email security they can send it directly to me. If they’re posting, it needs to go to Passenger Transport Team. Warwickshire County Council. Shire Hall. Warwick. CV34 4RL.

We’ll do our best to get some physical notices out but with the best will in the world and other priorities this may not happen. I’ll endeavour to get a social media post done asap and shared directly into the Stockton Facebook group, but if this information could also be disseminated out it’d be appreciated.

Any questions, please let me know.

Best Regards

Stuart Kocan-Payne

Passenger Transport Publicity & Development Lead Officer

Transport Delivery

Warwickshire County Council

Warwickshire County Council made a Temporary Traffic Order details as indicated below:

The original  order was for School Street closed to vehicular traffic between its junctions with Becks Lane and Post Office Lane between 0900 and 1500 on
• Monday 25th October
• Friday 5th November
• Friday 12th November

The Stagecoach 63 bus was unable to serve the village during that time period on those days. 

Reason for Order was to safely enable works in connection with the Substation. An alternative route will be signed and is available via Becks Lane, Church Street, School Street, St Michaels Crescent and vice versa. Vehicular access & egress will be maintained where possible.

Contractor: For Western Power Distribution, Kier MG Utilities Tel:

07933 392 481.


For journeys to/from Southam/Leamington you can use the UBUS service and details are on or contact 01789 264491

For journeys to/from Rugby you can use the IndieGo Rugby service and details are on or contact 0345 2638139

Both services require free registration and pre-booking. Fares are payable, and Concessionary passes are accepted after 9am.