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Road Closure Orders

Napton Road due for closure from 05/10/2022 to 07/10/2022 to enable works to install 1 new water connection from clean water main.

The site is 200 metres east of Station Road (towards Napton). Use Station Road/Tomlow Road as your by-pass to and from Napton.

High Street, Stockton will be closed between 20/12/2022 and 22/12/2022 for works by Severn Trent Water. Detailed information will follow with a diversion and legal order attached.


For journeys to/from Southam/Leamington you can use the UBUS service and details are on or contact 01789 264491

For journeys to/from Rugby you can use the IndieGo Rugby service and details are on or contact 0345 2638139

Both services require free registration and pre-booking. Fares are payable, and Concessionary passes are accepted after 9am.