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The Parish Council

The following web pages contain information about the way the Parish Council functions, together with contact details for each of the Parish Councillors, their registered Declarations of Interest and the Code of Conduct to which we are bound.

The Chairman’s Report to the Annual Parish Meeting presented on 11th April 2022 set out an Action Plan for the year 2022/23 as follows.

Street Lighting - to complete the upgrading of our street lighting so that apart from a couple of exceptional cases, all our street lights will use the white LED lights. This programme has been running for about 10 years. We started by replacing the concrete columns that were beginning to crack and become dangerous. We have also replaced the old cast iron columns that were attractive but could not be converted to LED and finally we will have replaced all the yellow sodium lamps on the remaining columns. The LED lamps give more light, use less energy, are more reliable and come with a 10 year guarantee against failure.

Plant more trees in public areas - to mark the Queen’s Green Canopy for the Jubilee. These will be planted on highway verges and land owned by the Parish Council and housing associations. However, before we go ahead we will need volunteers who will look after the trees for the first couple of years when they will need watering during dry spells. 

Traffic speed in the village -The Parish Council recently passed a resolution in support of a 20 mph limit in the village. Unfortunately Warwickshire County Council recently decided not to adopt a policy of making 20 mph limits the norm in residential areas so that we might have to make a specific case to do with our local conditions. Alongside this we are looking into the purchase of radar speed signs to be installed in Napton Road.