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The Parish Council

The following web pages contain information about the way the Parish Council functions, together with contact details for each of the Parish Councillors, their registered Declarations of Interest and the Code of Conduct to which we are bound.

The Chairman’s Report to the Annual Parish Meeting presented on 13th May 2019 set out an Action Plan for the year 2019/20 as follows.

Street lighting - to place the order for ten lights to be upgraded from the yellow sodium lanterns to the white LED version, and to identify the next ten to be upgraded in 2020/1.

Stockton crossroads - we will be discussing with Warwickshire traffic engineering staff which of the recommendations we can implement and we will be putting in a bid for a grant from the Warwickshire Road Safety fund in the next week.  The Parish Council wants to see improvements to the signs and road markings that will increase motorists concentration when they approach the junction and reduce their speed  as these  appear to be the main factors in the cause of collisions.

Playing field lease - once planning permission is given for the homes on the old football field the lease will agreed and funding sources investigated to upgrade the play equipment in line with the consultation that we held last year.

George Street bungalows - the Parish Council sees the bungalows in George Street as a valuable part of the housing stock in the village and is against Orbit’s recent decision to sell one and is seeking assurance from Orbit that this will not become normal practice.

Road closures that affect bus service - over the past year the bus service in the village has been disrupted on several occasions and each time Stagecoach and Warwickshire Highways assure us that it will not happen again - but due to poor communications their plans do not seem to be put into practice. We will be continuing to push both organisations with our County Councillor’s help to improve their performance with a proper plan in place and better communications with bus users.

Heritage features - the paved area round the war memorial off Glebe Close will be extended, a memorial bench installed and an ornamental railing fence erected.