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Stockton Parish Council

The Parish Council

The following web pages contain information about the way the Parish Council functions, together with contact details for each of the Parish Councillors, their registered Declarations of Interest and the Code of Conduct to which we are bound.

The Chairman’s Report to the Annual Parish Meeting presented on 21st May 2018 set out an Action Plan for the year 2018/19 as follows.

1.Playing Field lease - to continue to work with the landowners to agree a new long term lease. and develop an action plan for the development of the playing field

2. Street lighting - we will continue with our programme of upgrading our street lights by replacing more of the oldest columns and replacing the yellow sodium lamp with more efficient LED lights. and we will also look for another energy supplier as Eon’s charges are considered to be too high.

3. New cemetery - We will provide more  parking at the new cemetery and also improve the access into the cemetery itself in readiness for the use in the next couple of years.

4. Stockton Crossroads - We have employed a traffic consultant to undertake a review of the poor safety record at the crossroads and will press the County Council to come up with a scheme to improve road safety.

5. Village Heritage features - with many newcomers to the village we will look at improving the appearance of the various “heritage” features dotted around such as the boulder in High Street and the old village pumps to give more of a sense of place.