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Local Planning

Planning applications that have been received in the last 18 months.

Reference Received Status Address
14/01567/FUL 9/6/2014 Application Withdrawn Land Opposite Springfields Napton Road Stockton
28/5/2014 Appeal Dismissed Land Opposite Springfields Napton Road Stockton
14/01412/COUMB 27/5/2014 Prior Approval Stage 1 Class MB and IA Bridge Nursery Tomlow Road Stockton Southam CV47 8HX
14/01201/COUNTY 6/5/2014 No Objection Cemex UK Southam Cement Works Southam Road Long Itchington Southam CV47 9RA
14/01059/FUL 10/4/2014 Permission with conditions Tollgate House Rugby Road Stockton Southam CV47 8LB
24/3/2014 Refusal of Outline Planning Permission Land Off Stockton Road Long Itchington
14/00866/OUT 24/3/2014 Application Withdrawn Land North And South Of Napton Road Stockton
14/00830/FUL 20/3/2014 Permission with conditions Grange Farm Napton Road Stockton Southam CV47 8HT
14/00797/FUL 18/3/2014 Permission with conditions Blue Lias Marina Limited Blue Lias Marine Estate Rugby Road Stockton Southam CV47 8HG
14/00722/FUL 11/3/2014 Application Withdrawn 1 High Street Stockton Southam CV47 8JZ

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