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New Refuse Collections Service

A new refuse collection regime starts from August 2022

123 Refuse Collection Leaflet File Uploaded: 6 April 2022 662.1 KB

A new ‘123+ waste service’ commences in August 2022.

In summary, there will be four collections over a three week cycle from August, comprising:

- A food waste collection, every week using a food caddy (a small kitchen caddy for inside the property) and a larger food waste bin to use outside and put out for collection.

- A recycling collection, every two weeks using the blue-lidded wheeled bin for mixed recycling.

- A refuse collection, every three weeks using the existing grey wheeled bin

- Garden waste collection, every two weeks using the existing green wheeled bin.

In the meantime, all households should make full use of the kerbside waste collection service for your recycling, green and food waste and general waste. Bin collection day is FRIDAY, with Blue and Green lid bins collected one week and Grey lid bin collected the next week.