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Chairman's Report at Annual Parish Meeting on 15th May

By Bill Robinson Stockton Parish Council

Wednesday, 17 May 2017


Stockton Parish Council Contributor



Looking back to last year’s annual meeting I put forward five points for action. These were

First - to resolve with Stratford Council and Taylor Wimpey our concerns about the detailed plans for the two developments off Napton Road and to continue to press Warwickshire County Council to take some action to introduce traffic calming on Napton Road once these estates are opened. We have had mixed results on this score. A dialogue has been set up with the site manager to overcome day to day problems over the running of the site, for example the removal of the mature hedges from Napton Road and it looks as thought high speed fibre broadband is being installed into each house following our recommendations. However we have had no joy so far in getting Taylor Wimpey to install concrete kerbs along the football club verge to Station Road where it has been destroyed by delivery vehicles, nor have Warwickshire County Council shown any inclination to implement any traffic calming near to the site or at the crossroads.

Secondly - to complete the work on the Memorial Green including installation of the memorial stone and landscaping. This has been a great success thanks to the voluntary efforts of a number of people in the community.

Thirdly - to finalise the agreement on a new lease for the playing field and draw up a plan for the future development of the playing field. This was thwarted by Stratford’s decision to reject the proposal for housing on the old football field. Hopefully this can be taken forward this year.

Fourthly - to make an application for the Foundation Level award under the Local Council Awards Scheme. This has been achieved and we hope to move to the next level this year.

Fifthly - to co-opt a new parish councillor to the recent vacancy. This has been achieved with the recruitment of Helen Kittendorf.

Probably the most significant development during this last year has been Stratford’s adoption of the Core Strategy that should, in theory, govern housing and other development until the end of the 2020’s. In our case it should mean that there should be no more large scale speculative developments in the village.

Another exciting development is the proposal from the Wigley Group to convert Kings House (or Stockton House as many people know it) into their new office headquarters and we are keen to work closely with them to preserve probably the most important property in the village and perhaps bring some job opportunities in the longer term.

Cemex have completed a considerable amount of work on the Griffins Farm quarry and the next stage will be to open up the tunnel under the A426 and instal the conveyor that will transport the clay to the mill at the old works in Long Itchington and from there by lorry to the Cemex works at Rugby. Quarrying is due to start in 2019.

This leads me on to our ACTION PLAN FOR 2017/8 and these items are:

  • to continue pressing Taylor Wimpey to instal kerbs on Napton Road and the County Council to do something about traffic calming on Napton Road and the crossroads.

  • to work with the landowner to obtain a new lease for the playing field and to develop an Action Plan for the field that improves and extends the facilities.

  • to apply for a higher level award under the Local Government Awards Scheme that determines how we do our business.

  • to set up a programme for the upgrading of our existing lighting columns to provide better illumination and improve any spots that might need extra lighting.

    Finally I would like to thank my fellow councillors and the parish clerk for their hard work and support over the year and welcome Helen Kittendorf as a new councillor.

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