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Chairman's Report May 2018

By Bill Robinson Stockton Parish Council

Friday, 25 May 2018


Stockton Parish Council Contributor



First of all can I cover some of the more notable things that have occurred in the last year. Vandalism and anti-social behaviour at the playing field and scout field continues to be a problem, although recent signs are that the police know who is involved and are keeping an eye on things. The Parish Council is grateful to Gary Farmer for stepping in last year and taking over the mowing of the village greens, etc and he has been asked to continue this work under a new three year contract. The problems with the church clock, which is a war memorial, were found to be due to irregular maintenance and so the Parish Council has agreed to enter into an annual maintenance contract that will keep the clock in good working order. Orbit Housing have submitted planning applications for four houses in George Street to replace the maisonettes and four houses to replace the Elm Row garages. The Parish Council has indicated its support in principle for these affordable homes but expressed concerns over some of the site issues such as access, damage to the high bank in Elm Row and worsening of parking problems by demolishing the garages. Planning applications have been submitted for both sites. This year we have successfully completed the move of our parish council website to another internet service provider and we think the new website is a considerable improvement. The Villager of the Year Award this year has gone to Ron & Sue Flegg whose dedicated work in litter picking in the village is much appreciated. The Parish Council would also like to welcome into the village, the people who have moved into the new houses on Nelson’s Way, Weaver’s Way and Arnold’s Corner and hope that they find a way to join in with community life in the village.

Secondly, I would like to turn to our action plan for last year. There were four action points.

1. Installation of kerbing to Napton Road to repair the damage to the verges caused by vehicles delivering to the Taylor Wimpey site - we have just heard, after more than twelve months of asking, that Taylor Wimpey will not fund the installation of the kerb as it “lies outside their budget”. We will continue to press Taylor Wimpey to change their mind.

2.Playing Field lease - little progress has been made on this because it is linked to the planning application for houses on the scout field and this has not really moved forward.

3. Local Councils Award Scheme - the Parish Council has moved up to the second level of Quality Award but it looks unlikely that we could go to the highest level as many of the measures are more relevant to larger councils.

4. Street lighting programme - a contract has been placed with Midland Signs and Lighting to replace the three old cast iron lighting columns in Napton Road and we are now waiting for Eon to disconnect the supply before the new columns can be installed.

Thirdly I would like to propose the the Action Plan for next year.

1.Playing Field lease - to continue to work with the landowners to agree a new long term lease. and develop an action plan for the development of the playing field

2. Street lighting - we will continue with our programme of upgrading our street lights by replacing more of the oldest columns and replacing the yellow sodium lamp with more efficient LED lights. and we will also look for another energy supplier as Eon’s charges are considered to be too high.

3. New cemetery. We will provide more parking at the new cemetery and also improve the access into the cemetery itself in readiness for the use in the next couple of years.

4. Stockton Crossroads - We have employed a traffic consultant to undertake a review of the poor safety record at the crossroads and will press the County Council to come up with a scheme to improve road safety.

5. Village Heritage features - with many newcomers to the village we will look at improving the appearance of the various “heritage” features dotted around such as the boulder in High Street and the old village pumps to give more of a sense of place.

Lastly I would like to record my usual thanks to my fellow Councillors and the Parish Clerk for their support throughout the year. I would especially like to record my thanks to Peter Banham who has been vice-chairman for several years and who has had to stand down due to health problems. Peter has been unstinting in his efforts to make Stockton a safer, cleaner, more pleasant place to live in and to build a community that is more caring and supports us all as individuals. We all wish Peter well in his battle against illness.

Howard Collerson (Chairman)

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